The Declaration of Independence states: "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness."

יהוה בן  יהוה('s) request to the U.S. Parole commission was to live with his parents in Enid, Oklahoma. His parents agreed and were anxious to have him return home where he would have a place to stay and gainful employment. His ailing father gathered up enough strength to be interviewed by probation officers and F.B.I. agents. Despite the fact that his parents agreed to abide by the guidelines of the U.S. Parole commission, יהוה בן  יהוה('s) request was DENIED.
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Just 8 months prior to his mandatory release date, יהוה בן  יהוה was notified that his father's health had worsened and that he was near death. On January 29, 2001, יהוה בן  יהוה made a request for emergency early release to Norman C. Roettger, the U.S. District Judge who sentenced him, so he could be at his 86-year old father's deathbed.
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The government ignored the compassionate appeal of יהוה בן  יהוה('s) motion and advised the Court that it was without jurisdiction to grant his request. (To see government's response in opposition to reduce the defendant's sentence, click here--#3.)

While stating that he found יהוה בן  יהוה('s) request to be reasonable, on February 13, 2001 Judge Roettger DENIED the request explaining that he was without power to act. Roettger directed that יהוה בן  יהוה seek his early release through the U.S. Parole Commission, and he let it be known that the Court had no objection to יהוה בן  יהוה('s) request.
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Ironically, יהוה בן  יהוה did not receive the Judge's directions until February 22, 2001--2 days after he learned that his father had passed.

Knowing how shocked and devastated his 84-year old mother would be at the passing of his father, יהוה בן  יהוה followed the Court's suggestion and filed to reopen his parole request seeking IMMEDIATE RELEASE ON PAROLE.

The family of יהוה בן  יהוה also made a request to the U.S. Parole Commission to secure the release of their Son and brother and to have him return home to them. This was a promise they made to their father on his deathbed.

The bereaving family's emotional appeal was DENIED. (Click here to read family's letter--#5; motion to re-open request for immediate parole release--#6; and motion to re-open denied--#7.)

The U.S. Parole Commission has taken away the unalienable rights of יהוה בן  יהוה which are endowed by his Creator, יהוה, with the unlivable circumstances of his "onerous" conditions. (To see these conditions, click here--#8.) In these conditions, they have shown no sympathy for human communication, no sympathy for the sick and/or dying, no sympathy for the widow, and definitely no sympathy for the elderly. This generation of governmental rule has become heartless, and they are manifesting this cruelty in the mistreatment of יהוה בן  יהוה.
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