The Abraham Foundation, Inc., was founded for the specific purpose of raising funds for the legal defense of innocent, indigent Hebrew Israelites and others selected by the Foundation. These funds help pay for attorneys' fees, private investigators, compilation and reproduction of legal documents, travel, and hotel accommodations for attorneys and witnesses, plus much, much more.

The Foundation was responsible for putting together the legal teams that for more than sixteen years successfully defended יהוה בן  יהוה, the Leader of The Nation of יהוה and other Hebrew Israelites. These teams received numerous not guilty verdicts, procured many dismissed charges, negotiated an unprecedented plea bargain, acquired an early parole release, as well as assisted countless others seeking advice in both criminal and civil matters.

But the legal battles did not end with the ascension of יהוה בן  יהוה. Therefore, the Foundation must continue to be ready for each new challenge, and welcomes your support.