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In like manner, America developed profitable industries and trade. Thyatira had numerous trade guilds. The guilds played a prominent role in politics, economics, social, and religious life.

Do you know that the unions in America play a role in who gets elected president? Do you know that the unions cover all of the guilds, the crafts of America? They call them “labor unions” today instead of guilds. The same people who are in the labor unions also influence the social life of America. They influence who gets hired, who gets fired. They set up all those guidelines: who can do business, who cannot do business in a supposedly free society.

Thyatira was under Rome: the Roman Empire. The pope rules Rome. The pope is in charge of Christianity. Likewise, America is under the influence of the pope. They worshiped the emperors of Rome. That means they had men as heroes and as gods, instead of Yahweh as God. So America is a place where you have sport figures, entertainers, and politicians as heroes.

Thyatira, one of the seven churches, represents America as a whole. The things that will be completed and fulfilled within America, were the same things completed and fulfilled in Thyatira. There are many warnings to us here. Do you see them?