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The Key To Heaven: Charity
The Key To Heaven: Charity

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Even if you have all the knowledge that this world has to offer, it is not enough: you still cannot have eternal life. WITH ALL KNOWLEDGE, IT IS NOT ENOUGH. I AM DEEPER THAN ALL KNOWLEDGE. “You are deeper than all knowledge?” Oh, yes. I have qualities that are deeper than “all” knowledge. It’s broader than that. Imagine, you are able to look down in time and see things before they happen. That is prophecy! If you have the gift to look down throughout eons of time, THAT IS STILL NOT ENOUGH TO EVEN SEE ME OR BE IN MY PRESENCE TO HEAR ME! That will not qualify you. There is only one thing that is enough: It is CHARITY! The key to Heaven is you must “be” charitable. Not simply “practice” charity. You must actually “be” charitable