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YThe Ingathering

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“I am a ‘qualitative’ God. That is the kind of God I am. Since I am a God of ‘quality,’ then that means that I am not looking for bodies. I may have to teach one thousand just to get one, but I am willing to teach that thousand just to get that one. I may have to travel a thousand miles, go down in the valleys, and climb up mountains just to find one, but I am willing to do that—just to find one. And I am successful.

No matter how many miles it requires Me to travel to find the one hundred forty-four thousand, who are the elect of Yahweh, who are the chosen of Yahweh, who are the geniuses of Yahweh, and who are the Godhead, I will do it! I am born to do it. I am looking for the best of all of our people. I am not worried about the mind that cannot see what I am doing, I am only looking for the mind that ‘can’ see what I am doing.” (Page 18)