The Nation of Yahweh

The Nation of יהוה believes that there is one God, יהוה, the Father of all men. That the Holy Bible and יהוה בּן יהוה are the Great Light and the rule and guide for faith and practice of the laws, statutes, judgments, and commandments of יהוה, and those who believe in Him and His name are immortal. Character, integrity, and morality determine destiny. The love of moral men is next to love of יהוה and His Son, יהוה בּן יהוה, man’s first duty. That prayer and communion of man with  יהוה is helpful.

All beliefs and tenets that make up The Nation of יהוה are founded and based upon the King James Version of the Bible, Old and New Testaments. The Nation of יהוה is the family of יהוה made up of a group of persons connected by their relationship arising from a common Ancestor, יהוה, The Covenant God of Israel.

We acknowledge that all moral-minded people who agree to follow the whole body of the commandments of יהוה and be faithful unto His Son, יהוה בּן יהוה, can be joined to The Nation of יהוה. We know that under this agreement, we are all sons and daughters of יהוה and joint-heirs with יהוה בּן יהוה.

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